Sigma Yachts combines years of experience and knowledge of Yacht and marine tourism, along side of, high standard tourist hospitality.

Since the spring of 2007, Sigma Yachts has made it available to the tourist to enjoy the exclusive vacation in Turkish and Greek Bays.

Sigma Yachts international has over 10 years of experience in exotic Yacht cruises.
Sigma Yachts main branch is located in Rhodes, Greece.
Other main branches are located in Italy & Germany.

Sigma Yachts owns a vast fleet of new and high standard yachts, containing quality, up to date equipment for diving, sky, etc.
The hospitality experience is completed with high tech sound, video & DVD systems, and a climate control, to make sure you’re cool or hot enough.

The Sigma Yachts vacation is a wonderful experience of a floating portable hotel under countless stars.

Sigma Yachts representative in Israel offers starting from spring- summer of 2008, a variety of routs from Rhodes, Koss & Turkey.
Personally compatible course and attractions (diving, sky, private chef, on foot tours etc.)

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Combine Luxury sailing & attractions

Honeymoon Vacations

What could be more exciting than spending your honeymoon vacation in the turquoise waters and spectacular beaches of Mediterranean and Greek Islands? It is just the perfect destination.

The extraordinary scenery, the pristine beaches, the fabulous accommodation and excellent dining will make your honeymoon even more romantic and appealing than you could imagine, You may even consider having your wedding ceremony organization in one of our luxurious yachts.

Contact Sigma Yachts for your special request and one of our experienced customer specialists will assist you with any of your questions or concerns, Besides all the visual pleasure of natural beauty of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea this vacation will give you the opportunity of learning a new culture, exploring historic sites and most importantly spending your first days as a couple enjoy the absolute bliss and pleasure of each other accompanied by the luxurious comfort. Sigma Travel knows for sure how to create an atmosphere of love and romance.

We specialize in organizing honeymoon vacations for almost two decades. Our goal is to give the best opportunities for you to create the everlasting memories which you would cherish for the rest of your life.