Bread & Breakfest on Water

You can enjoy the luxury of an amazing yachts while you are sailing. Feel the sea and peace of dark blue water deep inside the ocean.

Sailing couple

Anniversary , Marriage proposal or any other events, sailing couple is a great way to have a good time together and enjoy the best moments.

Birthday Sailing

Sailing trip can be a wonderful gift for anyone who likes the sea and enjoy the freedom of it.


Sail to the Best Holiday Ever!

A sailing dream, combines tourist towns, historical sites and unspoilt sandy beaches in secluded coves. This is the far eastern side of both Greece and Europe. A mixture of cultures dating thousands of years create this group of islands.

A total of 14 islands you can start your vacation from the island of Kos and travel the islands that include Simi, Leros, Patmos with its famous Monastery, Lipsos and the traditional sponge divers island of Kalimnos where you can buy some of the best natural sponges in the world. Again these islands are not too far apart and you can spend a memorable holiday exploring this very unique group of islands while travelling along the Turkish coast. The wind and weather in general needs to be taken as Sailing.



Why to sail with us ?

  • Sail with the most advanced yachts.
  • Many destinations are available.
  • Vary sail plans and prices for any pocket.
  • Insureance is included for any travel.
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