Here Are SIGMA YACHTS’s Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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How do I find the right charter boat for me?

When choosing the right boat many factors are important. Take a look at our brief guide to choosing the right boat.

How do I book and pay for a yacht on SIGMA YACHTS.com?

SIGMA YACHTS.com has compiled a video tutorial on how to book and pay for a boatYou book your yacht directly online. We get in contact with you via phone or email. We send you the payment details. You pay 50% with the booking. 8 weeks before embarkation you pay the outstanding 50% plus additional extras if added. The SIGMA YACHTS.com boarding pass we sent you in the moment you completed the payment. This boarding pass is the “key” to your yacht.

What boat license will I need for my trip?

To rent a boat in most countries you will need an internationally recognized license (ICC, Radio License, CEVNI).  In our skipper guide section you will find more information regarding boat licensing for Houseboats, or special documents required for boat charter e.g. in Germany .

Which sailing destination shall I choose?

This decision is really up to you and depends on what cultural environment and weather conditions you prefer. Browse our recommended destinations for charter to discover more about different sailing locations.

What time of year should I plan my trip?

The seasons differ all over the world. Find out when it is best to travel by boat in your desired location. We help you with some suggested charter locations.

What equipment will I need?

This question depends on where you are going, for how long, and who you are travelling with. Have a look at our online checklists for help.

How much shall I budget for the trip?

Price is an important factor when planning a sailing trip. You should set a clear budget from the beginning and allow for all the necessary additional costs such a deposit, transfer, marina fee, national parks tickets, etc.

What additional costs can I expect?

You should take into account arrival and departure, deposits, insurance as well as food and beverages. Costs may also arise in the following areas: Crew and staff, cleaning, extra excursions, vaccinationsvisas, fuel, taxes, and additional fees at the port such as parking fees, disposal costs and the rental of extra equipment.

What are the methods of payment?

You are able to pay for your boat in 3 ways – via direct deposit, paypal or by credit card (Mastercard and Visa). You may be able to pay via American Express credit card however please note that an extra charges apply to use this card and it is not always guaranteed to be accepted.

How do I receive an offer for a boat?

We are a yacht booking platform – not an agency. You can book your boating holiday directly online. If you are unable to locate an available boat for the location and dates you wish of course SIGMA YACHTS.com can assist you to find a charter boat for your yachting holiday.
Please email help [at] Sigma Yachts.com with as much detail regarding the charter as possible (including number of passengers, trip dates, charter location and type of boat) and they will endeavor to respond to your queries within 24 hours.

How do I get to my boat?

Depending on the location of your boat you will be able to travel to the marina by car, train, plane or by ferry. Often charter companies offer a shuttle service that is generally not included in the price of the boat. We are happy to arrange that for you.

What should the charter contract look like and is insurance included?

Charter contracts differ from one to the next, depending on the circumstances and the charter company. Find out what to expect.

Where shall I leave my car whilst I am sailing?

Most habours and marinas have parking facilities. You should check what kind of parking they provide beforehand and be sure not to leave any valuables in the car.

What safety rules apply on board?

These vary from boat to boat and are based on the size, age and model of the boat. The driving force of the boat and the area you are travelling in also need to be taken into account. You should ask the boat provider for a safety briefing.

What happens in the case of an accident?

Immediately call the emergency services for the country of the waters you are sailing in, and follow the emergency procedure.

Will I need a Visa?

If you are an EU citizen you do not need a visa to travel within the European Union. If you want to travel outside the EU or you are not an EU citizen, you should look into the entry requirements for your chosen destination at least two months before travelling to allow enough time for your documentation to be processed. Always make sure your passport is still valid for a period of six months.

What medical care will I need?

Especially before travelling to tropical areas, ask your doctor about the necessary vaccinations and precautions. Consult your doctor around six months before departure as some vaccinations must be administered several times. You can take a look under our medical requirements section to find out more.

How do I cure seasickness?

This unpleasant experience can be prevented and treated. Find out what to do when suffering from seasickness.

Can I take pets on board?

Always ask SIGMA YACHTS.com by phone or email or the local charter company if you can take an animal on board before arrival. If you do not ask permission, they may be more inclined to say no and pet care for the time you are away may be hard to find.

What shall I pack?

In addition to basic clothing and hygiene items, there are a lot of things to pack. Have a look at our checklists for help.

How do I find out what the weather will be like?

Such information can be obtained from various internet sites. For an overview see our weather forecast section which has information on providers and SMS services.

How much does it cost to hire a skipper?

The cost of a hiring a skipper to take responsibility for the boat depends on the provider, area, size of the boat and expertise of the skipper. Usually a daily or weekly package is agreed and paid before the excursion. Prices normally range between 90 and 150 euros per day.

What happens at handover?

Upon arrival you should go to office where the appropriate person will then escort you to your boat. They will explain important rules and procedures regarding the power supply and the fuel and wastewater tanks. You should check that the boat has all the features agreed in the contract. You should also check that all the necessary safety items are on board such as distress signals, safety rafts, maps and charts. It is important to make sure that everything is in working order before beginning your journey.

What should I do if there is something wrong with the boat?

Usually the provider will correct any faults straight away. In exceptions, it should be possible to negotiate an alternative or a price reduction.

Where can’t I go?

You should avoid forbidden areas and comply with the driving and navigational rules for the region in which you travel. It is also necessary to be considerate of marine life. Sensitive areas of marine life should not be disturbed.

What is the different between the harbor and a place to anchor?

The harbor is a secure place to take a break from sailing. At the harbor you can find cleaning, mending, waste disposal and tank filling services. Anchorage is a maneuver where you drop anchor to persevere weather conditions or take in the scenery.

Can I anchor anywhere?

Nights at sea create a sense of adventure and can be calmer than those spent in a busy harbor. Before anchoring, be aware of the weather and sea bed conditions in the area. You should also have knowledge and experience of anchoring. Most places where it is unsafe to anchor will be marked on local maps, including conservation areas and shipping lanes.

Can I dock anywhere in the harbor?

You should inquire in advance of stopping in a harbor and contact their offices about how to apply and be assigned a place. The cost depends on the area and the size of the boat and can vary from anything between 10 and 150 euros and you may have to pay extra for electricity.

Where do I fill my water tank?

Fixed or flexible water tanks can be found in harbors and the cost is usually included in the mooring fee. 4 people usually require about 600 liters of water for 7 days at sea for showering, cooking, washing and toilet use. Fixed water tanks can carry between 30 and 700 liters of water depending on the size of the boat.

Where do I fill my fuel tank?

You can fill your fuel tank in harbors. Check beforehand whether your boat has a portable or permanently installed fuel tank so you can check the availability of the fuel you need at the harbor.

Where do I dispose of the on board toilet?

The disposal of water tanks into inland waters is prohibited. Wastewater tank cleaning services are inexpensive and can are provided at most harbors and marinas.

Is there minimum charter duration?

It is possible to book short trips, but most charters run from Saturday to Saturday. Longer trips will need to be booked well in advance, especially if you require a particular model of boat.

How much does it cost to use SIGMA YACHTS.com?

SIGMA YACHTS.com does not charge you for the use of the platform – there is no booking fees – the only costs involved are once a boat has been booked and confirmed.

I am an operator – how can I publish or list my boats with SIGMA YACHTS.com and how much does it cost?

If you want to publish your boat on SIGMA YACHTS.com to get new customers please click on “Offer a boat” for all details on how to do so.

Why do boat prices vary from that listed on the opening search page?

All boats listed on SIGMA YACHTS.com will indicate the ‘from’ price on the initial search pages. These prices will vary according to seasonal rates and the low prices you see displayed on the search engines are, generally speaking, the prices offered in Low Seasons for any particular location.

What are your privacy, booking and cancellation policies?

For full details of Sigma Yachts.com policies, please read our terms and conditions.

Do I need a licence to charter a boat?

Throughout European countries a sailing licence such as the International certificate of Competence (ICC) or equivalent is required for bareboat charters – particularly in Croatia and Greece where the laws are very strict regarding bareboat sailing. Other locations such as Thailand or the Bahamas do not necessarily require a licence but may request an indication of sailing experiences (Boating Resume) before they agree to a bareboat charter in these waters.

f you are concerned about these requirements please read our information regarding licensing.

Who can I speak to regarding any additional enquiries I may have?

You are able to contact SIGMA YACHTS.com directly for additional information by calling directly on the following numbers:

  • US & Canada please dial +1800 SIGMA YACHTS;
  • Europe & everywhere else – please dial +;
  • or you can email your queries to help [at] Sigma Yachts.com


Please note that due to time differences there can sometimes be a delay in the response to your queries however the SIGMA YACHTS.com customer service team will do their best to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.