Incentive Yacht Charter

Do you want and need to show your appreciation to your employees? Is it a time for bonding, exchanging ideas and celebrating?  Is it time to enhance their motivation? Surely so, then our incentive charter cruise will enable you to say thank you and encourage them to greater achievements. We can help you accomplish these aims with one of our business tours on a luxury private yacht. Therefore, our incentive program is not just a wonderful vacation but will assist you in consolidating and improving business relationships with your staff and inspire them to even greater efforts.  Taking all employees to a neutral, relaxed environment instantly changes the dynamics and allows everyone to feel empowered to speak up. Getting everyone together to celebrate doing a great job is always good for morale. Ultimately, it’s just nice to say thank you and let your employees know you appreciate them.  Check out our website to find the yacht of your choice and contact Sigma Yacht Charters for your special requests


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