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The world is really your oyster!  Wherever your budgets allows.  Gulet charter Bodrum is renown both for weather, fishing and magnificence. Active or leisurely days. You can choose among deep sea fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming or lazing on the beaches.

In the crystal blue waters you can explore the reefs, ruins, dolphins and turtles. If bargains are what you enjoy, then it can be a shopper’s paradise for you in some of the small villages and towns.

Now that Covid-19 is behind us, now is the time to realize your dream of a fabulous vacation on your private floating hotel.


Day 1 Fethiye

Sigma Yachts.com is the best choice for family holidays.  After boarding your yacht in the afternoon and until setting sail the following morning, you can enjoy what the city has to offer as well as having time to do some
pre-sail shopping.  You will dine on board in the marina and have the opportunity to let the chef know if you want to order specialities not included in the itinerary.

Fethiye on the Turquoise Coast is known for its natural harbor, blue waters and numerous rock tombs including the 4th-century B.C. Tomb of Amyntas, carved into a cliff overlooking the city. You can turn down a side street in Fethiye and come face-to-face with a tomb dating back some 1,300 years.  Fethiye is a city with a rich history as well as being thoroughly modern, as evidenced by the modern marina where your charter yacht is berthed.

In the south, the beach at Ölüdeniz is sheltered by a lagoon, and Butterfly Valley is a designated nature reserve. The City is in the heart of a beautiful region, with many beaches, islands and quiet coves.  




Day 2 Tersane Island, Aga Limani

One of the many must-see locations is Tersane Island.  This island is the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye and is often also called Dockyard Island. The Ottoman Navy used the island as a dockyard during World War I, thus giving its name.   Tersane Island was once Greek populated and was deserted back in 1923 with the agreed population swap between Turkey and Greece.  The island is surrounded by the beautiful crystal clear waters ready for you to take a swim after your exploration.




Day 3 Kadirga Harbor, Marmaris

Kadirga Harbour is a pretty bay not far to the west from Marmaris. It is sheltered and has been awarded the Blue Flag because of its marvelous waters.

Marmaris, a port city in the South West of Turkey, has become an important tourist resort in recent times. The region is commonly called the ‘’Turquoise Coast’’ because of the beautiful color of its waters all year round. There are many bays along this piece of coastline where yacht charters can anchor. As a natural harbor, Marmaris was an obvious place for development and today it has the capacity for taking 800 yachts. Marmaris is the gateway to a beautiful part of Turkey, rich in history, fertile and offering a whole range of things to see and do. Blue voyage facilities in Marmaris mean it is a logical starting point for sailors wanting to sail these lovely waters. Ashore, there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants while at sea during the many months of blue skies, you can relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings.



Day 4 Ekincik (Dalyan)

Ekincik is an attractive bay between Marmaris and Dalyan with its lovely Iztuzu Beach.The bay itself is enclosed by forest covered hills with a long beach running along its coast - it’s quiet, unspoilt by development and like much of this part of Turkey best enjoyed by boat.  It is never busy with just the occasional gulet sailing there. The beach is fairly small and gravel/sand while the waters are fairly shallow. There are places to for food and drink during a stopover. One of the most popular activities from Ekincik is to head a little further east to Iztuzu Beach though it is off limits at night as it is a valuable nesting site for the loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta).

Behind the beach is the Dalyan Delta which winds down to the small town of Dalyan with its impressive Lycian Tombs and the ancient ruins of Kaunos. Alternatively, there are some water sports that you can enjoy within the bay itself or why not trek up the surrounding slopes and view the interesting flora and fauna.  There is a road that takes you along the western banks of the Delta if you are feeling energetic.



Day 5 Yassica Islands, Domuz Island, Sarsala Bay

The Yassica Islands in the Gulf of Fethiye are visited on a daily basis by trippers as well as yachts that sail up and down this coastline. The islands are uninhabited with no buildings but they provide great opportunities to anchor and swim. Many have small beaches as well. The vegetation is pine and olive and the shallow waters are ideal for a number of water sports. Certainly, they are very safe for children and therefore popular with families. Some of the islands are very close together and it is easy to swim from one to the other. If you want to explore, it is advisable to have strong footwear with you because the ground is fairly stony. The nearest port to the Islands is Gocek which is the starting point for day trips into the Yassicas. You will get some great photos while you are sailing on your gulet charter among  these islands. If you are there as the sun sets, the sunset shot may be the best of the lot.


Day 6 Gocek Island, Gocek

Next stop of your boat charter Turkey is Gocek. Gocek is a starting point for the local 12 Islands Tour and an island of the same name is closest to the harbor, perhaps 10 minutes sailing. Gocek will relax you with its clean sea and nature. It is an island where the trees touch the sea. You can visit its beach where many will stop during their tour of the islands. There are refreshments available on Gocek Island throughout the sailing season. If you wish, you can camp perfectly safely under the trees and simply spend a relaxing time.



Day 7 Kizil Ada, Samanlik Bay

Enjoy gulet trip Turkey at sunset on Kizil, where the sun strikes the stones turning them crimson red in color, the color that is much the same as the island’s soil. The island gets its name from this phenomenon because it is the Turkish word for ‘’red.’’. There is little or no infrastructure on this island but at the southern tip there is a lighthouse to guide maritime traffic. The Deliktas Islands are to the north west, a great place for diving and fishing. The waves off the east coast wash on to the wide sandy beach where swimming is ideal.

Samanlik Bay is just a short distance from the city in Fethiye, a growing city and itself a popular tourist destination. It has a wonderful natural location with the slopes covered in pine trees. The cove has clear blue waters that are inviting both to yachts and swimmers. Yachts regularly anchor there even though Fethiye has many berths and is just a short journey away.



Day 8 Fethiye

After completing your exciting boat charter Turkey, you arrive at Fethiye for the return flight home. Take a moment to enjoy the city one last time.  If you can afford the time, walk around the market site. Enjoy the last minute shopping and sense the wonderful smells and taste of local cuisine.  Stay overnight if you can and enjoy one last romantic evening or exciting bar night life. Take home wonderful memories and photos and start planning your next gulet vacation!



















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