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The world is really your oyster!  Wherever your budgets allows.  Gulet charter Bodrum is renown both for weather, fishing and magnificence. Active or leisurely days. You can choose among deep sea fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming or lazing on the beaches.

In the crystal blue waters you can explore the reefs, ruins, dolphins and turtles. If bargains are what you enjoy, then it can be a shopper’s paradise for you in some of the small villages and towns.

Now that Covid-19 is behind us, now is the time to realize your dream of a fabulous vacation on your private floating hotel.


Day 1 Gocek, Tersane Island, Gemiler Island

With Dalaman International airport only 20- minutes away, Gocek is a jewel of a town nestled between Fethiye and Dalyan. What puts Gocek on the map is its 6 marinas and the bay area which is also a harbor for islands that provide ample anchorage for many yachts. This amazing harbor town is home to Super Yachts and is a great starting point for many a yacht charter in the Mediterranean.


Day 2 Oludeniz (The Dead Sea), Butterfly Valley

Oludeniz is Turkish for Dead Sea, which it derives from the calm waters that seem to shine like a pane of glass all year round. Oludeniz is a small village in the Fethiye district in the Muğla Province. It is one of the most visited and popular Turkey boat cruises on the Turquoise Coast of southwest Turkey. The blue lagoon sits within a pebble beach enclosure, and the waters are crystal clear, aquamarine and various shades of blue. Behind the town is Mount Babadag. Having a holiday in the dreamland of Ölüdeniz means more than only swimming and lying next to the pool. Thanks to paragliding you can view this wonder of nature from 1975 metres above, before slowly descending...


Day 3 Yesilkoy, Kas

Next stop of your Turkey cruise tour is Yesilkoy. Yeslikoy is a small village under the surrounding mountains, its name means green village and its purpose was to provide shelter to farmers. Over time, it grew into a small farming community that specializes in olives.

Kas Marina, which has brought a breath of fresh air to the country tourism as a pioneer for sea enthusiasts to discover new routes along the shores. It is one of the important stops with its fully equipped marina services, buildings,
yacht club, restaurants, shops and yachts in an indoor area of thousand square meters.  Kaş Marina is an indispensable port for the lovers of the sea meeting the marina needs from Fethiye to Kemer.


Day 4 Kaleucagiz, Kekova

36 kilometers east of Kas is Theimussa. This is a pretty bay that is nearly a complete circle, and is considered to be an important anchor for yachts.  Theimussa bay is located very near the sunken city off the island of Kekova and you can see a castle that starts on a hill and ends under the sea.


Day 5 Kalkan, Kaputas Beach

One of the must-see places when boating Turkey is Kalkan, a lovely Turkish beach town just below the Taurus Mountains.  While most travelers spend their time enjoying the sun and sea, history buffs will appreciate Kalkan’s proximity to several ancient Lycian cities. This amazing town is built on the slopes of the mountain, so you get a multi-layered white washed view against a dark mountain backdrop. This town has both a small harbor as well as a thriving olive business, and where a special olive soap unique to their town is made.  Since this site is so beautiful, many properties are owned by foreign residents that come to stay for a few weeks during the year.  The view of this town is magnificent, with overflowing colors from the multiple storied terraces on one side and the clear bay waters shining under the sunlight during the day.



Day 6 Turunc Pinari, Kizil Ada

Turunç Pınarı is on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Fethiye. It is lined by pine trees and is home to a lovely restaurant. The restaurant has a pier with 15 moorings, and it supplies water provisions as well as a few items for restocking. If you take a short walk up the hillside, you will find a natural water spring under a walnut tree. Yachts usually anchor around 25 meters off the shore, and this is a perfect spot for a short on land respite.

It has a superb Blue Flag (ecologically sound) beach nestled in between rolling forested hills and mountains, and has an azure and calm sea over which more hills can be seen on the other side of the bay.

The sea has all variations of the blue color. The hills behind the village are covered with pine trees. The region also has a huge variety of fruits and is covered with pomegranate, berry, fig, plum, locust and sour orange trees. “Turunc” is the Turkish name for “Sour Orange” and the village’s name comes from its quality of sour oranges.


Day 7 Yassica Islands, Bedri Rahmi (Tasyaka) Bay, Kille Buku

In the Gulf of Fethiye lie the Yasica island. They are uninhabited with no buildings on any of them but they provide great opportunities to anchor and swim.  Most of these islands have secluded beaches that provide a private relaxation environment, and you can enjoy the hours swimming and enjoying the quiet. Apart from relaxing, you can also enjoy water sports here, especially child safe water sports with your kids. The beaches and sea shores are stony, so you should come prepared with proper sea footwear. Some of the islands are so close to each other that you can swim from one to the other.  Try to stay for sunset with your gulet, this is when you bring out your camera to take some of the most romantic and breathtaking shots.


Day 8 Boynuzbuku, Gocek Island

Last day of your gulet vacation Turkey you will visit Boynuzbükü bay which is near Gocek. This bay hides 12 uninhabited islands called the Adalar. It is very close to Fethiye, so day travelers are found in abundance.

What makes this place special is the fresh-water spring that has created a near temperate local climate of lush deciduous trees and paths littered with basil and mint plants.

Gocek Island itself has a small restaurant offering local cuisine and freshly caught dishes of seafood. The beach is enclosed on both side by pine covered slopes so take a swim in the crystal clear waters or relax under the pine trees. 




















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