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The world is really your oyster!  Wherever your budgets allows.  Gulet charter Bodrum is renown both for weather, fishing and magnificence. Active or leisurely days. You can choose among deep sea fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming or lazing on the beaches.

In the crystal blue waters you can explore the reefs, ruins, dolphins and turtles. If bargains are what you enjoy, then it can be a shopper’s paradise for you in some of the small villages and towns.

Now that Covid-19 is behind us, now is the time to realize your dream of a fabulous vacation on your private floating hotel.


Day 1 Bodrum, Aquarium Bay (Adabogazi)

First destination of your gulet blue voyage is Bodrum. Bodrum, a city steeped in ancient history is also one of Turkey's leading tourist attractions. 

The city features twin bays with views of Bodrum Castle. This medieval fortress was built partly with stones from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, completed in the 4th century B.C.

Since the 1960s the castle has hosted a fascinating museum dedicated to the underwater finds from  ancient, medieval and early modern shipwreck sites around the Turkish Aegean.

The city is also a gateway for nearby beach towns and resorts. Bodrum is a jewel surrounded by golden sunsets and sparkling blue waters. Enjoy all the local cuisine, cultural attractions and visit the waterfront outside the Bodrum Castle. 


Day 2 Knidos, Palamutbuku, Datca

At the extreme southwest of Turkey, along the Datca peninsula, sits the small archeological town of Knidos, one of the most picturesque historic attractions in the Aegean region and one of Turkey's finest historical legends preserved in amazing condition. You find the Statue of Demeter in one location, and in the ancient harbor there were two Lions that stood guard but are now in the British Museum in London. The main attractions are the temple of Aphrodite and the Necropolis. Excavations are ongoing, and have been unearthing more and more amazing finds for over half a century. Since Knidos is considered to be remote, the best way to reach it is by gulet. This is a must stop for all yacht charters, and one site that will provide a lot of great memories as well as photos.



Day 3 Aktur Bay, Dirsekbuku, Bozburun

Aktur bay in the Datca peninsula has received the award for being the best bay for Turkey gulet cruise holidays.  Aktur is located between Datca and Kurucabuk and is the narrowest part of the peninsula. Two spheres of water held at bay by a slim slice of land. The Persian army back in 550 BC (Xerxes and the 300) built a tunnel so Xerxes could connect directly to the Gulf of Gokova to speed up his fleet's attacking capabilities. Today Aktur bay is a vision of beauty that many try to copy.

Bozburun is a lovely small town 45 kms west of Marmaris. It is home to a small but modern marina and the town is famous for its shipbuilding industry. This is where some of the world's finest wooden boats and gulets are built. This is a quiet port town, and the way to reach it is as picturesque as the town itself. Bozburun is great for a relaxing evening, this means you will not find night life here. What you will find are amazing hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants all serving local cuisine serving the freshest sea food and locally farmed produce.


Day 4 Serce Bay, Arap Island, Kadirga Harbor

One of the popular and frequently visited sites for Blue Cruises is Serce. This lovely town has a very sheltered harbor, and this is the reason for the pristine clear waters. The area is steeped in ancient history and many of the local finds are now housed in Bodrum’s underwater archeology museum. Just sailing into Serce is an experience worth waiting for, and along the way, you will pass many amazing and memorable views . Nearby Serce are the ancient towns of Kirkkuylar and Sidilli, in which you will find over 40 cisterns that provided fresh water to the inhabitants of this area.


Day 5 Ekincik (Dalyan)

Between Marmaris and Dalyan is the wonderful bay of Ekincik. What is most beautiful in this bay is the small Iztuzu Beach. Iztuzu Beach is closed at night since it is a nesting ground for the loggerhead turtle, otherwise it provides a carefree pebble and sand beach environment during the day, when only a few yachts are moored. Just after the beach you will find the Dalyan Delta, and this is an explorer's dream, with its Lycian tombs and the ancient ruined city of Kaunos. If you prefer something even more active then enjoy some of the water sports offered in the bay of Ekincik. Apart from these three activities, which should be enough, there is also the possibility of a short walk along the western banks of the Delta that may provide you with a chance to spot a wild boar foraging for food.


Day 6 Gokgemile Bay, Aga Limani

Just a short gulet sailing away from Oludeniz is Gokemile Bay. This is a lovely place to visit, and a short walk to the top of the island will provide you with a panoramic view of the entire area with all its coves and bays. Within the Gulf of Fethiye lies the twin bays of Aga Limani. This is a wonderful place to anchor, and prefect for swimming, fishing and/or relaxing. The waters here are cool since they are connected to an underwater fresh water stream that comes down from the mountains. The seawater here is crystal clear, but if you prefer to visit inland, then take an hour's walk to the ancient city of Lyda. There you will find a lot of archeological discoveries and the path leading there is very attractive.


Day 7 Tersane Island, Yassica Islands, Gocek Island

The biggest island in the Gulf of Fthiye is Tersane Island, known also as Shipyard Island. This bay has a 100 meter deep channel that was used by the Ottoman navy, hence the name shipyard island. The bay area has a lot of coves and towards the east lies the Summer harbor. The west side of the bay is not used much due to the strong winds that prevail most of the year. There is an ancient ruined town nearby called Telandria, and if you want to stretch your legs this is a great place to do so.

gocek (1)

Day 8 Gocek

You arrive at Gocek at the end of your blue voyage, after imbibing all the wonders of the Mediterranean, possibly also the Aegean and Adriatic. When you berth in Gocek, take some time off before you leave to the airport. Enjoy the wonders of this beautiful town and enjoy one last taste of all that Turkey has to offer. Take a walk along the promenade and enjoy the sunset.  Maybe that carpet you saw when you arrived is still waiting for you to buy and take home to remind you of  your memories of an ancient coastline and land filled with so many wonders and experiences.


















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