Sigma Yachts, a leading company in this field, offers yacht chartering combined with planning your vacation, supplying the logistics and providing international support services.  Our aim is your satisfaction achieved by maintaining our service to the highest level.

As a yacht owner you can, not only enjoy sailing, but can also make the purchase an investment by chartering your yacht.  This way you lower the cost and raise its re-sale value


Due to our extensive international expertise in the yacht chartering world we are able to exploit the tools of the digital world of internet marketing, the social media, together with using the best of global charter brokers. 


As soon as you let us know for how long your yacht is available for booking, we can then calculate how many charter weeks you can expect.  As your charter marketing agents, we will immediately build a charter marketing plan with the aim of boosting deployment of your yacht.  


Due to our wide experience in all service areas we can offer small and large yacht owners a complete dedicated management support service encompassing every aspect, whether it be financial reporting, or budget control resulting in reduced downtime and costs, or personal supervision. The aim of our high quality service is to provide yacht owners not only peace of mind but also add to their safety and to their enjoyment.



Our maintenance and technical staff have the knowledge, training and experience to perform and supervise the routine work and refit work.  Their experience includes negotiating with the regulating authorities. 



Safety & Security

Commercial yachts operate under the international Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines.  Sigma Yachts is bound by the certified safety and quality management system in line with commercial shipping industry standards. We assist in the development and application of procedures on board to conform with international regulations.


In the event of an emergency, one call from you will immediately result in the necessary actions being taken.  The communications will be handled by us and we will coordinate the Flag State, Classification Society and insurance actions required. The lessons we learn from our analysis are passed on to the rest of the fleet. 



Wherever your yacht is sailing, we are there to provide what you need – spare parts, chandlery, purveying and fuel bunkering. These are parts of our worldwide service.  We have the expertise for operating fast and low cost transport of provisions to any port.  We are accessible whenever you need us.



Sigma Yachts support services are always available for owners and their captains regarding crew recruitment and certification, and for checking that all medical certificates are valid.  Employment contracts can be provided on behalf of the owning company sanctioned by the regulatory authorities, as well as managing wage payments, health insurance and crew mail. 


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